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Spokane United Methodist Homes Guidelines for Employees

The daily decisions we make at Spokane United Methodist Homes affect our future and the lives of those we serve and we all depend on the ethical behavior of our co-workers, our immediate supervisors and higher management. We are all part of an interdependent system - a system in which each part has the potential to affect all other parts either positively or negatively.

Spokane United Methodist Home’s employees must:

  • Understand and agree their first responsibility is to our Residents. Value and serve all Residents promptly, with the highest level of skill and expertise and always with the highest degree of respect and dignity. In meeting their needs, everything we do must be of high quality. Recognize every employee plays a vital role in the lives of persons Rockwood serves and that advocating for them and being sensitive to their needs is of paramount importance.
  • Be honest and ethical in their conduct, including ethical handling of conflicts of interest between personal and professional relationships.
  • Do their best to ensure that Spokane United Methodist Homes is operated in a manner that upholds our values and merits the trust and confidence of every individual who has a vested interest in the continuing success of our communities.
  • Understand it is essential that the organization abide by all applicable laws and regulations. Promptly report to their supervisor any illegal acts; waste, fraud or abuse; or violations of federal or state regulations of which they become aware.
  • Actively seek out opportunities for innovation and changes in practice in order to serve residents better and to fulfill their job duties more effectively.
  • Acknowledge the importance of being fiscally responsible in carrying out their duties and bring opportunities for savings or efficiencies to their supervisor’s attention. Protect and maintain confidentiality regarding Spokane United Methodist Home’s financial matters, equipment and property, records, and employee and Resident information.
  • We know how important the quality of our staff is to our residents. At Rockwood our residents and staff enjoy family-like relationships. As one of Spokane’s largest employers, we work to attract the best and keep them.
  • There are over 50 employees at Rockwood Retirement Communities who have been here for ten years or more, and many of those have been here over 20 years.

A Sampling of Our Staff

Toni Mitchell

Diet Aide, Rockwood South Hill

34 years

“I love serving the residents and making them happy.”

Dave Thomas

Night Security, Rockwood South Hill

30 years

“I just get a kick out of the residents. They’re great people and I like doing things for them.”

Kim CederholmKim Cederholm

Activities Director, Rockwood South Hill

25 years

“It’s rewarding to be able to share the residents’ wealth of knowledge and experience, and in return, they make me feel appreciated.”